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Frequently Asked Questions About Beauty Therapy & Treatments

1) Why should I consider waxing as my preferred depilatory treatment?
Waxing slows down the growth of hair, and you will find that regrowth is a lot finer. Although waxing does not remove hair permanently, it is a fast and effective method. The benefits are long-term and it is essential not to shave in between waxing appointments.

2) Is there anything I can do to prevent ingrown hairs?
Yes, exfoliation has a dramatic effect on ingrown hairs. Invest in a good exfoliation sponge and use regularly. There are also products that you can apply to your skin which can be recommended.

3) How will I know which facial treatment to choose?
For your first facial appointment your skin will be analyzed and recommendations made, and you will be assisted in making the best choice for your particular skin.

4) Why would I choose to have a skin peel?
To combat aging, sun and environmental damage, to reduce pigmentation and fine lines.

5) What are the immediate benefits of having a skin peel?
To induce a radiant glow and improved skin texture.

6) What can I expect when I go for a massage appointment?
On your first visit, you will need to discuss your health history in order for your correct needs to be interpreted, and the benefits you wish to achieve from your massage. You will be made comfortable and at ease and the opportunity to discuss any areas of concern.

7) What is Swedish Massage?
The manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, using slow, rythmic and soothing movements, giving physiological as well as phychological effects and benefits. Excellent relaxation results are achieved with this form of massage.

8) Do you have Credit Card facilities?

Yes, I accept credit and debit cards using the Yoco card machine, and there is also the option of using SnapScan the revolutionary new way of shopping and making instant payments from your smart phone.  Simply download SnapScan on your smartphone.  With both Yoco and Snapscan you are in complete control of your payments.  Simple, Safe, Instant.

9) Can I purchase Gift Vouchers?
Yes, Gift Vouchers are available and can be tailor-made, or alternatively they can be left open for the gift receiver to choose their own treatment.

10) If I am a nervous client can I still have treatments?
Certainly you can have treatments, and any concerns you have will be discussed and questions answered. Where possible, alterations in treatments will be suggested to ensure your treatment is comfortable.

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