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Joan Wells Beauty Therapy Pricelist 27 May 2022

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DERMA PLANING: - Beautiful skin is a blade away with this effective treatment - no down time; suitable for all skin types; promotes smoother skin; provides deeper product penetration with No Down Time!  Immediate results! No numbing needed, this relaxing treatmentR650
SKIN NEEDLING or Collagen Induction Therapy, is a fabulous skin-rejuvination procedure. Ideally 6  monthly treatments to target Acne/skin scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, lack of radiance, and increase product penetration.R750
VITADERM AROMATIC FACIAL - a wonderful, relaxing full facial using Aromatic Massage Complex, resulting in deeply hydrated skinR470
VITADERM PURIFYING TREATMENT - This treatment is ideal for someone who suffers from breakouts or ingrown hairs. The Purifying Complex offers a deep cleansing action, and is antiseptic and very soothing. The skin is left hydrated and never irritated.R450
VITADERM VITALITY BOOSTER TREATMENT - This facial contains innovative ingredients offering super anti-oxident benefits, making it an ideal preventatitive anti-aging treatment for dry, devitalised complexionsR500
ANESI URBAN BLUE DEFENSE FACIAL protects face against photo and environmental pollution especially designed to neutralise the effect of light pollution and radiation to the skin, restoring and revitalising skin. R750
Anesi Combo Dermo Peel Expert and Skin Needling treatment is an extremely effective against aging skin, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, whilst speeding up cell renewal turnaround time.This treatment will causR1100
FACIAL COMBO TREATMENTS - Combine treatments for a deeper effect - available on request after diagnosisPOA

Skin Peels

Vitaderm Salicylic Acid Exfoliant Facial is ideal for problem skin but suitable for all except ultra-sensitive skins, this treatment provides a gentle manual exfoliation, leaving the complexion ultra-smooth R550
Vitaderm Fruit Acid Peel is a highly effective exfoliation and skin-boosting treatment, ideally performed 1 week prior to the normal facial treatment. Recommended: course of 6 winter treatments to increase cell turnaround time, or incorporated in another facial for an intensR550
Vitaderm Lactic Acid Peel is slightly more intense than the Fruit Acid Peel, and has the ability to revitalise the complexion. Should ideally be a course of 3 to 6 winter treatments R580
Vitaderm Hydroxy Acid Peel is ideal for all skin types, as well as oily or acne-prone. This treatment can be a single one or a winter course of 3 - 6. It has the additional benefit of restoring radiance to the skin, aiding in the reduction of fine lines and ageingR600
Anesi Dermo Peel Expert is an intensive exfoliating treatment which resurfaces the skin for a refreshing, radiant complexion.R600

Other Facial Treatments

Lash tintR100
Brow tintR70
Brow shapeR120
Brow Shape & Tint R150
Lash Lift - this is a lash perm for a wonderfully natural look. The top lashes lift upwards, giving a flattering open-eyed look! Without tint / with tintR350 / R400





Half legR160
Half leg plus kneeR180
Three quarter legR220
Full legR255
Full Bikini/plus backR195/R220
Tummy / bum cheeksR80
Arm half/fullR140/R180
Hands and fingersR50
Brow wax & shape / TintR100/R135
Lip chin eachR80
Full Face excludes browsR250

Facial Threading

Brow Shape                          R100
Chin, Upper Lip, Cheeks, per area R80
Full FaceR250



Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage 30 minsR300
Swedish Full Body massage 60 minutesR460
Swedish Full body massage 90 minutesR600

Spa Massage

Relaxing Spa back treatment - Exfoliating Skin Polish, followed by Soothing Masque, Rounded off with a Relaxing Back Massage  60 MinutesR480



Brow Shape - wax or thread R120
Brow Tint R70
Brow Shape and Tint R150
Brow Lamination - brow perm, shape and tint, this treatment is ideal for patchy and unruly brows, it also creates a wonderful groomed look. The treatment lasts between 4 to 8 weeks.R350
Microblading - Permanent Make Up Brow Microblading - a form of brow tatooing using a handheld tool, tiny hair strokes that mimic real hairs are created, resulting in beautiful natural looking brows. For first-time treatments, a touch-up session is requireded after 6 weeks.R1500
Microblading 6-week touch-up R800
Microblading Annual Touch-up R950

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